52 Life Coaching Videos to Change Your Life: Empathy - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

The one thing I get asked more often than anything else is, “how do I deal with the crazy or strange things that people do in the world around me each day?”

We have all experienced it. That person in the car next to you that is driving like they want to get in an accident or that rude person at the Starbucks that cut in line, right in front of you and then took 15 minutes to order while they ‘loudly’ complained about their boss at work.

Every where you look, you will find people saying and doing things that are strange to you or that you would never dream of doing. And even worse, there are the situations that seem to bring negativity into our lives or problems. And it can be confusing knowing how to handle them or what to do (if anything) to avoid getting into these environments in the future.

I have spent many years and a lot of resources discovering the best method to overcome this stress of life. The most important factor is making sure that the method you choose to cope with this stress is not harmful to you and that you are still able to be who you want to be; with integrity.

Enjoy this video I put together for you. The process I explain is simple but when done correctly (and often) it will completely change your outlook on life and you will begin to have much more patience, as well as, solution based thinking vs. negativity and complaints!

Brett Baughman is an Expert Life Coach and Therapist

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