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Over the last twenty years, Brett Baughman has cemented his place as an authority on Personal Development, Advanced Communications & Life and Business Coaching.  Headquartered in Las Vegas, Brett and his team provide ground-breaking seminars, workshops and one-on-one life-transformational coaching. Brett has helped countless business & political leaders, Fortune 50, 100 & 500 executives, Top athletes, Super-star actors & musicians; and now his mission is to ensure that everyone can benefit from the knowledge and resources he has gained over the years through Action Mastery™.

Brett’s specialty is helping his clients to discover their passion in life so they can begin to live with purpose and achieve fulfillment each day.  He helps them to understand how they best operate and how to self-detect when they are making poor decisions or falling back into old unwanted habits. He will then implement dramatically innovative techniques derived from  his expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and his powerful coaching technique The Ideal You® to transform the lives of his clients.

Brett puts his life’s mission into one simple statement: “Revolutionize the Future™”

I’m dedicated to the Quest of helping my clients to achieve maximum velocity in their journey to become The Ideal You®.  My greatest satisfaction comes when I see my clients not only transforming their own lives, but using their new-found skills to help transform and enhance the lives of their family members, friends, neighbors, business associates and clients.  When it comes to transformation, I aim to create a real-world “viral” experience, one that spreads positively from one person to the next, infecting all who come into contact with a renewed joy and passion for living.”

A native of America’s heartland, Brett travels the world and lives his life committed to being extraordinary while helping others to attain that goal themselves.  At all times, Brett challenges himself to be the best he can be, all the while conveying a positive attitude that is supported by a thirst for knowledge; a commitment to excellence; and an unwavering vow to act at all times with integrity.  This can sound difficult but Brett explained his reasoning in developing this empowered psychology:  “Living with these values; embracing a sense of discipline to hold yourself accountable to a higher standard, is not the easy road.  It’s knowing that you will face situations and people that do not operate from the same standards and that your duty is to find a strategy that ensures each relationship, event or experience of your life is giving the opportunity to grow, shine or be celebrated in the face of adversity. Before I talk the talk, I walk the walk. I want to prove to those who look to me for useful ideas to help transform their lives that it can be done.  In addition, I want to prove that what I offer others is the ‘real deal,’ a philosophy anyone can bring into their lives if they have the commitment to transform themselves into someone happier, healthier and more successful.”

Brett’s life prepared him for his life’s work:  “I know that the path to personal success – including personal wealth – is followed by seeking knowledge, living with passion and taking action.  As a child, I wanted to know about everything from the arts, to sports to business.  As a man, I have taken this desire and used it to gain intimate – almost hidden knowledge – on how anyone who cares to master the discipline can be successful in every aspect of his or her life.”

Brett’s successful mastery of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other psychological technologies didn’t come automatically.  He has spent his life undertaking ongoing and extensive research into advanced communication and human potential.

Brett’s journey is life-long – and he encourages others to do the same:   “I will always remain a student of life’s knowledge, but for nearly two decades now I have focused my life on sharing the powerful tools I have discovered with clients all over the world.”

Whether he is coaching someone one-on-one or speaking before a packed house of individuals’ eager to master the tools leading to more passionate and successful lives, Brett uses his gifts as an entertainer, author, speaker and compassionate personal coach to help people transform their lives.

Best known as a Life Coach and Business Coach (Strategist) – though that just scratches the surface of who he is and what he does – and working with clients from all walks of life, Brett offers a variety of life coaching services, from one-on-one personal breakthrough sessions to group seminars such as his ‘Action Mastery’ programs.  Brett has also appeared – and shared his message as a contributor of Forbes, Inc. Entrepreneur and various television and movie appearances.

The mantra that Brett lives by is:

“Remember, extraordinary is only a thought away …”

  • Awarded Top 100 Business Coaches by Feedspot
  • Creator of The Ideal You® coaching technique (Patent No. 3,940,183)
  • Creator and Author of Strategies for Success; Your Operation Manual for  Success
  • Featured expert in several films including; Iology, The Gratitude Experiment & Learning to build a flame from within


Best Life Coach in Las Vegas, Nevada

Brett Baughman was voted the Best Life Coach in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. He will help to improve your life, your business, your health, your relationships, and your overall results – Schedule your free consultation today.

Brett Baughman is a Certified Life Coach based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s been coaching for two decades. Brett was voted the Best Life Coach in the year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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Brett has helped countless business and political leaders, Fortune 50, 100 and 500 executives, Top athletes, Super-star actors and musicians to improve their life, business, health, relationships and much more. So what are you waiting for? Call Brett today!