Be Yourself - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

Over the past year, I have been through an amazing amount of change.  All of it (from my perspective) was good and clarifying.

I have moved; built another business; worked with numerous companies and clients; gotten into some sticky situations & helped some people out of worse ones.  It is always interesting to me to take a moment and realize how much we can do when we go for it.  And also how, no matter what you know, you are going to deal with life.  Things will come at you and you have to be ready.

I coach people everyday to live their passions and to be consciously aware of when they need to change; when the results are what you’d like.  And it isn’t easy.  And you aren’t alone.

Myself, I was just laughing this past weekend looking back, reflecting and realizing that I had stopped doing some of the things/ behaviors or habits that always produced success for me.  And I mean quite a few.

And all of a sudden, my body said, “wait a minute…why aren’t we doing that anymore?”  and I looked at where I am and where I wanted to be and I started tracing my steps.  I sat down and looked at what ‘used to’ work and maybe what new behavior I was doing that wasn’t up to par yet.  And I have started the process of changing them.

I am not saying I snapped my fingers and the world shifted.  But, I realized what was happening, I didn’t lie to myself and I took the time to invest into my future.  It can be painful; and often times it is…; no one wants to focus on what didn’t work, but you have to be objective and learn from it.  Let it go.  And improve.  Otherwise, what are you doing?  Do you really want to keep producing mediocre results?  Not me.

So like an onion, I peeled back the layers and found what felt right.  And I then put the steps in place to add on what I needed.

First, get down my passions. Second, design my routine.  Third, change my focus.  Fourth, put the people/things in my life that support & inspire me.  You get it.  (this is my process, not necessarily yours.)

But, WOW!  Remembering to ‘be myself’ and do what I love and what works for me – it is so much better than doing what you are ‘supposed’ to do or what ‘they’ tell you to do.

Give it a shot!  What do you have to lose?  And do it now!!

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