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Blue Monday? Not for youAbstract Silhouette Praying

The first Monday following New Years Eve has disgracefully been dubbed – ‘Blue Monday’ the most depressing day of the year! It is said that for many reasons such as the stress of the holidays; maybe spending New Years or Christmas alone or facing the bills from all the holiday shopping and of course the other aptly named ‘Black Friday’ (we have become experts at naming random days of the year obviously) many of us are not feeling so hot or ready to spring into a new year with a vision of happiness and success.

Is this you?  I hope not. And if it is, let’s fix that now!

I want to share a story with you.  A short but important story.  As many of you know, I have been a life coach and motivational speaker for many years.  If you know me well you will agree that I am an extremely positive, passionate and driven individual.  I might even go so far as to state that I might be the most optimistic person you know.  But the challenges of life happen to all of us. 

On December 26th I began to feel a little off.  I had a very busy Fall season and was traveling a good bit.  The weather began to turn and I figured my lack of normal zest was due to the change in the season and my hectic schedule.  Well it turns out that I had unfortunately caught the H1 N1 flu bug that was going around.  And let me tell you that it is ‘no joke’! 

I live in Las Vegas and have been doing business here for over a decade.  Las Vegas is my favorite city in the US.  I love the people here.  I love going to the strip and eating at the amazing restaurants.  I enjoy coaching my business clients here.  Mount Charleston is my guilty pleasure to head to the mountains and hike in the beautiful untouched nature.  But, for me on December 26th 2013 none of that mattered.I was in the bed (not sleeping), coughing, aching, miserable.  I couldn’t eat.  I lost 6 lbs. in 11 days.  I was depressed and stressed.  And the world was closing in on me.  Even when I got out to pick up medicine or go to the doctor and I drove past my favorite places…. nothing.  They didn’t have that usual flare that made me smile; the reasons I love it here.  And then on January 4th at 7am the Sun came up over the mountains and the air was so fresh.  The World had changed.  Or had it?

You see, what had changed was my perception.  I had finally kicked the terrible illness that was clouding my mind, making me foggy and depressed.  I could now see the mountains with their snowy caps, I noticed all the smiles on the faces of my friends at the store and the pharmacy and the gas station.  I picked up the phone and called a friend and laughed.  I had enough energy to get on my computer and return emails and low and behold, I landed a new life coaching client whom I am very excited to work with this month.  All was right with the World.  Or I should say with me!

You see, no matter how strong you are, no matter what you do for a living whether you are a coach or a stay at home parent, your perception is the key to the quality of your life.  And so many of us don’t take enough time to STOP and think about where we are putting our focus; our energy.  Do you wake up ready to attack the day, excited about all the opportunities OR do you wake up sluggish and dreading what lies ahead?  It is not only important to make sure that you have a dream; a vision of The Ideal You™, it’s VITAL!!!

Every day can make you laugh.  Every day can make you smile.  Every day you can come one step closer to living a life you have only dreamed about.  But you have to start doing it.  You have to take the time to make the changes that will change your life.  Even if you only take 10 minutes a day.  I promise you will begin to see results immediately.  You will be healthier, happier, more energized and more focused.

I am sure you are saying to yourself “You make it sound easy Brett but what am I supposed to do”?  or “I don’t have time”?  Well I am here to tell you:

1.  You do have time.  Everyone has 10 minutes to invest in their future understanding that those 10 minutes will be the action that will provide a future for you where you don’t ever tell yourself again you don’t have the 10 minutes.  A very brilliant person once shared a great quote with me and I want to share it with you so you can use it each day.  Here it is – “Do something today that your future self will thank you for…”  Amazing and so true.

2.  What are you supposed to do?  You can start by asking yourself that question each day.  Because it will build a behavior that drives you to always find the answer.  And each answer will another discovery in creating The Ideal You™.

Here are some great ideas for you:

1.  You can write some positive affirmations.  Write 5 easy affirmations that will begin to change your thinking and empower your results.  Example:  I, Brett Baughman have all the time I need each day to achieve all my goals successfully!  Give it a try.

2.  You can subscribe to my blog and I will send you a free copy of my book Strategies for Success.  It is co-written by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Marie Diamond (featured expert in The Secret) and many more.  The book is filled with great tips on how to make rapid change in your life and how to overcome adversity.  Read a chapter a day and start living the life you deserve now!

3.  You can start researching how to begin doing that hobby, that passion you have always wanted to do but ‘didn’t have time’ to do before

4.  Make some New Years Resolutions!  I know it sounds cliche but they work.  You have to have a road map if you want to get anywhere and/or to know where you are going and when you are off track. 

5.  Email me.  I am always happy to point people in the right direction.  That’s what we are here on the planet to do.  Help each other find our way and share the knowledge from our journeys, successes and failures. 

Blue Monday?  Not for you.  This year you are going to do the things you want to do.  You are going to be the you that you have always wanted.

I wish you the best. 

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