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Do People Really Change?

Let’s be honest; we all have some bad habits or quirks that we would love to see disappear. And too often these bad habits can cause us stress or failure or even worse. But how do you get rid of them? And does it work?

I speak with dozens of prospective clients each week who share their war stories with me about programs they tried and seminars they attended. Most everyone will confess that they experienced a surge of productivity or a period of time in which the bad habit seemed to vanish! But for many people the results weren’t outstanding or long term.

Does life coaching/ therapy work? 

So does this mean that people don’t change? Does it mean that life coaching and therapy don’t work? No. I can tell you confidently that both therapy and life coaching work. But the truth is that most programs are not designed specifically for you and that’s the key! Let me explain.

Too often I see clients who are so frustrated and overwhelmed by their problems that they jump at every opportunity that is presented to them. “Anything to get me out of this mess!” is a common phrase I hear. But taking the wrong action does not solve the problem. It usually worsens it by depleting your time; your money and your belief in yourself and personal growth.

What therapy is the right therapy?

So you are probably wondering, how do you know what therapy is right for you?

The simple answer is finding a life coach or therapist who builds a customized program for just for you. After twenty years of coaching individuals to overcome their problems I realized that the key is making sure your therapy is uniquely designed around your passions in life. Most programs give you general information that has provided some results for many. But in order to really change your life and remove problems such as depression, anxiety or lack of motivation you have to start by letting the problem go. And instead of working on the problem or spending hours, even months talking about the problem with someone, you should be creating your future.

I developed a coaching process many years ago called The Ideal You®. In my program you quickly learn how to identify what makes you happy and what limiting beliefs and negative emotions are holding you back. You will learn specific behaviors and thinking that you will use for the rest of your life to be successful.

When you know what you want, you just need a good plan and discipline to see it through. The right life coach or therapist will make sure you have the right plan!

Brett Baughman is an Expert NLP Life Coach and Therapist

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