First Impressions. How are you doing? Part I - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

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We all do it & it’s an important behavior to us when the situation matters…but why do we care sometimes and other times (with other people) we don’t?

Brett Baughman‘s insight:

Ok so imagine that you were about to have the opportunity of a life-time.  You are going to have a shot at meeting your potential Soul Mate.  By all rights, this could be the person you are going to not only spend the rest of your life with but that you will mostly likely change your life & behaviors to impress, make laugh, make cry, to please and to build a life together.  It’s a very important moment, some might even say vital to the success of the quality of your life. 

This is obviously an important milestone in your life that could shape who you are & the journey you take so it’s not a surprise that we would take this seriously and that the majority of us put conscious effort into making sure the way we present ourselves is that of a positive light.

So what is it that makes us care?  Are we doing it for ourselves?  or are we doing it for someone or something else?

I am interested in hearing from you! 

  • What have you done to make a good impression on someone?  and why did you do it?
  • What has worked
  • And What has failed?

This is PART I to a two part blog about first impressions.  Please add your comments below and hold tight for PART II; you will be glad you did

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