"Follow Your Dreams" Graduation Speech - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

Today it begins!

Brett Baughman‘s insight:

I was asked yesterday if I would speak at a Fifth grade graduation here in Las Vegas.  I am honored and excited about the opportunity to share some of the experiences and knowledge I have gained through my life. 

I have always had a passion for helping others and a strong belief that when provide our youth with an understanding of how the true fundamentals in life work; we all prosper.

When I say true fundamentals I am talking about:

• communication – how we communicate with ourselves and others to achieve our dreams or make changes when we are hurt, stuck or lost.

• health – understanding how our body and mind works and even more importantly how they work TOGETHER to create a blueprint of health that we depend on to guide us through our lives to make choices that empower, protect and advance us as a person and species.

• passion – every talks about the ‘WHY’ Discover why you want to do something, what excites you etc.  And this is vital.  But, we have to step back and look at the really big picture.  We need to truly understand that life is not a process of coping or just surviving.  It’s about advancing; it’s about happiness; it’s about peace; and love.

This means we need to recognize that the decisions we make each day determine the person we will become and the challenges we either face or don’t face.  And the sooner we learn to wield that sword, the more prosperous, healthy and advantageous our life and our journeys become.

So, as I sat down to decide which bullets to cover with the 2014 graduating class of this Las Vegas fifth grade and the hundreds of parents and teachers, I began to think; wow the world has changed drastically since I was in their shoes.

We now have a global economy and instant access to any information you want and in many cases any material desire you want.  Kids are dealing with shootings as schools; teachers and students having physical/romantic relationships; It’s no longer a stress about having the newest pair Air Jordans for $150.00, it’s whether you have the new iPhone for $600.00. 

The world has changed and our economy has changed.  It’s time we change with it! 

It’s time we start doing the things we say we should do and taking action to make a difference where it matters.  And it’s up to all of us.  It’s not enough to say, well I am one person and what can I do or someone else is better equipped.  It starts with you!

And the first step is very easy….find passion in your life!

If you are stressed or asking yourself ‘why do I feel this way’ or “how did I get here?”  You are living an obligated life and therefore the quality of your life is suffering.

Find passion!  Figure our what you love to do that excites you; that challenges you and that you will get up every day looking forward to doing even when times are tough.  That is a life worth living.

And when you find PASSION, you will begin to think differently.  You will want to be positive and help others, because you understand that this action fuels your passion and your drive and your success!

Start today!  This weekend take a half and hour and make a plan to put passion in your life at least 30 minutes each day.  Whether it’s starting to write that book you always wanted to write or if it’s reading a book you have put off for a year because you were too busy. I have a secret for you… you are never too busy; you are disorganized and/or haven’t taken the time to make a plan for your life.

You are the most important person in your life because if you don’t feel your mind, body and soul, you won’t have bandwidth to cherish the people and things you desire in your life.

I hope that at least one person reading this today will have heard this for the ‘right’ number of times and that it changes your life forever because (here’s another secret)  if you take the first step, your life will begin to change; to improve; to give you peace of mind.

Today I am making a difference!  I am doing everything I can to change someones life.  Whether it’s you reading this post or one of the children listening to my speech.  I am committed to being extraordinary and to seeing, living and creating a world around me that I want to live in NOW!

May today be the day you Graduate to a Personal Higher Education and strive to be the top of your class!

for more information about Brett Baughman and his coaching services please visit brettbaughman.com or contact our office at 844.843.3888

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