How to lose (or prevent) the Holiday 10 lbs. - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

Do you want to lose weight or get in shape?  Are you in fear of what you will look like after the holidays?

You have all the office parties, family functions… no time for the gym or to watch what you are eating/ drinking?

Are you tired of the up and down roller coaster of emotions or the frustration of plataued results that come with the process?

It’s time to give yourself a gift you will really treasure.  As Uncle Eddie put it so eloquently in Christmas Vacation, “it’s the gift that keeps on giving!”

Whether you are trying to shed those last few pounds or just beginning your journey to a healthier you….. There is one factor that is key to your success that most people forget about and therefore they experience disappoinment and often times failure….

It’s your psychology!

It is scientifically proven that our internal emotional condition OR the way we feel is represented outside our bodies in the way we look.

So if we are stressed out or frustrated, if you are angry or depressed, it will show on your body

AND even more importantly, it can negatively effect our health.

SO, the question is – IS YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME?

The coaching process I have designed is created specifically to teach you the techniques you need in order to improve your results!

It’s time to change those bad habits for good!  And to know how you did it so you can keep them away in the future.

Imagine if you could release the negative emotions that feel regularly….things such as, sadness, anger, frustration….

Well you can.  I am not saying it’s easy, but neither is living with disappointment or problems, right?

If it works, isn’t it worth trying?

If you want to see results that last….

Take Action and get your head in the game!

Are you ready to live the life you deserve…NOW?

Email me and I will answer your questions, there is no time like the present…..!

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