I found this great article yesterday about behaviors that help you learn faster. It immediately grabbed my attention when I saw the names Elon Musk, Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman. These are three of the greatest minds and innovators of our time. So I gave it a read! And I was very happy to discover that this trifecta of geniuses were teaching the same methodology for learning that I share with my life coaching clients. Here are a couple of the key points. NOTE: if you truly apply these attitudes and behaviors to your life you will experience rapid and dynamic changes in the way you feel and the results you produce Number 1. Enjoy Yourself – Einstein speaks about the importance of having fun when learning. Our minds are designed to soak up knowledge and keep evolving to become more effective and efficient. This is best done when you choose to focus on what you enjoy. Your passions in life are key to happiness. As a life coach and business coach, I help my clients to understand what makes them tick; how they operate. From there, we learn about what shapes their reality. How do you see the world? And what drives you at your deepest subconscious levels? These are your passions and your strengths. When you can clearly identity what makes you happy and you know how to create it in your life; you experience a heightened sense of purpose and a peace of mind. Number 2. Explain it to a child... To read the article visit: http://bit.ly/2AIjIqN - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

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