I have a technique called “take five and come back better “that I would like you to start practicing whenever you feel emotional or you find yourself in a negative mindset. This technique can also be used when you get upset or argue with another person. Simply step away into a new environment and find a place where you can sit for 3 to 5 minutes and just meditate. Then you want to simply let go and just focus on your breath. Whenever we’re emotional, your thoughts and decisions get clouded and it’s hard for us to think straight so you want to calm your breathing and allow your mind to clear. Once you’ve done this, ask yourself these two questions: “how is this helping me?“ And “what am I supposed to learn from this experience?” You never want to repress your emotions… They are an amazing gift that is built into your body and psychology and when you understand how to use them they will help you create a healthier more successful life. By stepping away and meditating for a few minutes you clear your mind and process the emotions and therefore your mind will give you a message of what you’re supposed to do or change, to avoid that type of situation in the future. not only does this technique help you improve the situation but it trains your brain to manage emotions in a healthy way and also promotes better problem-solving skills. Now, that’s one great technique you can use to you reduce stress and feel better asap. Be sure to practice this technique whenever you feel negative or emotional and you’re results will get better and better! - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

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