Individuality - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

It was very interesting.  I went to a networking dinner last week and met an incredible group of men who are business owners and have been for some time.  Just like any mixer, we all started out by casing the room and getting a feel for who was ‘our client’ and the most comfortable to speak with.  Once we were seated and began to get to know each other and share our unique stories, it became clearer to me how much opportunity truly surrounds us in everything we do and that what we think can potentially keep you from living your dreams.

Unlike most functions, (and to the testiment of this one) it was guided by a great host to made sure that conversation was always flowing and respect for one another went hand in hand.  So listening and being listened to was easy.

As we told about our companies and families; our passions and our concerns we began to realize that many of the notions we had entered this room carrying, did not bring with them the basis of reality.

What I mean by this is, just as we entered the event hoping to find a new client or thinking this will probably be just like any other networking event.  It wasn’t!

The beliefs that were shared about what is happening in our businesses, our schools and our relationships were being changed.  And quickly.

We noticed how the things that ‘everyone’ had heard about so and so’s business were not true.  The news we had picked up about this economy or that person were skewed.

I had one of the best experiences I have ever had meeting fourteen people I have never seen before and sharing dinner and three hours of conversation.

The difference.  We all took the time to listen and to learn.

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