Life Coaching Tip: Find Your Strategy for Success - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman
Life Coaching Tip: Find Your Strategy for Success by Brett Baughman
I was asked this week how I stay Passionate about my work and life.  Here is my answer:
1. Organization – I have a well thought out plan for my future.  When you have specific goals (that you stick to) and you have a routine that you are disciplined to follow, you are able to build more momentum to achieve.  And you are better able to forecast coming events so you can make changes before they are problems!
2. Gratitude – This is HUGE!  Science has started proving that the real key to happiness is gratitude.  Each day I spend time meditating on all the gifts in my life from my loved ones to my opportunities; from the marvels of the cosmos to the beauty of watching humming birds fly around in my yard.  When you stop to appreciate how #extraordinary and vast life is, you can’t help but smile.
3. Challenge – Every day I ask myself what the most important thing is I can do today that will support my achievement of The Ideal You®.  What do I have to do or what do I want to do that will enrich my life, my success and my situation; always with integrity and joy.  You see, even the greatest formula for success is filled with challenges, upsets, and moments of fear or doubt.  It’s human nature.  But, the differentiating factor is your belief in your abilities to forge on and overcome the odds to produce Extraordinary Results!
Now it’s your turn.  Try it out.  Each day you have dozens maybe even hundreds of posts, articles, videos, meme’s put in front of you that are all telling you to be happy, to trust yourself, to let go, to love, to laugh, to go for it!
Well, I hope today, when you read this post it will be the time that you take the leap of faith that presents you with a new perspective on your place in this universe and most of all, that you find your strategy for success!
Brett Baughman is an Expert Life Coach and author.  For more information visit:
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