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Build Your Confidence

Statistics show that more than 80% of people report having low self esteem or lack of confidence.  That’s huge!  Imagine how different your life would be if you were as confident as you desire.  How much better do you think you would feel each day?  And how motivated would you be to face your daily challenges knowing you believe in your ability to overcome and succeed?

The C Word

Confidence is a powerful tool but it’s important to understand that confidence is not a ‘magic ability’ or gift that some have and others don’t!  Confidence is simply a symptom that is expressed through your psychology; your physiology and your communication when you have done the work to empower your thinking.

In order for you to improve your confidence and self image, you have to start with your values.  When you have a clear understanding of what is important to you and why it’s important, then you can begin to prioritize your goals to focus on creating a life that is filled with the things you love.

Believe it or not!

Next it’s vital that you evaluate your belief system.  And I can tell you from years of experience that most of our problems start with our beliefs.  How many times have you told yourself you aren’t good enough or smart enough?  Or how many times have you given up early or missed an opportunity because somewhere deep down, you didn’t believe in yourself?

This behavior works in direct conflict with your ability to grow.

If there is something you want to be or do in your life, you have to face challenges to accomplish it.  And fearing the unknown rather than deciding to educate yourself on the unknown and build a strategy to win, will only leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Act like you mean it

Integrity.  We have all heard this word before and some of us have even made it a lifestyle choice to always act with integrity; myself included.  But what does it mean exactly.  My definition is this: Integrity is knowing and understanding who you want to be and living each day committed to the pursuit of your Passions; believing in who you are and acting so.  It is congruency and alignment between your values, your beliefs and your behaviors; which will present itself to the world through your communication and results!

You know what I mean?

And last, your communication must be empowered.  This means that you are able to produce the results you want in your life, even if there is a problem or challenge.  I have mentioned this before but it’s a great point to remember; our communication is 93% non verbal and 7% verbal.  So in order to have advanced communication and integrity within yourself, you have to evaluate, enhance and adjust your values, beliefs and behaviors so that your communication is on point!

If you are suffering from a lack of confidence and finding that your happiness is being effected by this problem, give us a call.  We will have you back out there having fun and making waves in no time!

Brett Baughman is an Expert Life Coach and Therapist who specializes in helping his clients become The Ideal You®.

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