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Are We Sharing Too Much in the News?  


I am always surprised when I turn on the news to find I am listening to a detailed story on how a crime was conducted.  In very clear detail and without applying real focus, I am educated on everything from the ‘how to’s’ of orchestrating my plan to the weak spots in our security systems.  I feel that we are over-sharing information in a hopes to attract viewers and not to keep the public informed.  In addition, the tone and focus of news has become one of shock value and advertising.  The majority of the news you hear is based around fear which will direct your attention to a solution – generally one that will be marketed to you at the right moment.

It’s important that we all recognize how and where we are collecting the data that shapes the world around each and every one of us.  When is the last time that you heard a news story and then you researched it’s source and back story?  True empowerment is thinking for yourself.  It is challenging yourself to continue to grow and to asking why and how things are until you know.  Life is a pursuit without ending.  The pursuit is the beautiful it’s vital that truth, passion, knowledge, and understanding be a part of who we are so we can continue to evolve society.

How do you feel about the news?  Does it effect how you feel or perceive your world?  I am interested in knowing.

Here is an exercise I have my coaching clients do. 

When you wake up in the morning, just like getting ready for a voyage, you have to have a plan mapped out.  When it comes to YOU the plan is your psychology, your attitude and your behaviors.  The way to get the best results from these areas is to make sure you are the one designing them!

I am guessing that you usually either turn on the television and get ready in the morning to it or read a paper while having your morning coffee.  In some fashion, you are starting your day with the news.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it is important to keep yourself informed but their is a difference between essentially flipping through the channels of news to decide on which menu item you will take and finding credible sources for news and visiting those resources as a trusted adviser. 

So rather than start with a morning ritual that includes having news given to you that you don’t know what is contained within, I ask you to wake up, take 5 minutes focusing on yourself.  Breath and think about all the great things in your life; your health, family, friends etc.  Really paint the pictures in your mind.  Allow each item to become associated (real) to you.  Now, state some affirmations or whatever positive form of direction you enjoy using.  I prefer affirmations because your mind can only focus on 7 – 9 things consciously at a time.  Affirmations create a habit of thinking and knowing that you are empowered in many ways such as “I Brett always know what to say and when to say it, and I always know what to do and when to do it, and all the information I have learned and all the information I continue to learn I retain easily and utilize anytime I want or need to now!”  This is one of my favorite affirmations.  Can you see how this thinking can help me?  I have been using this for so long that any situation I enter I am confident in my abilities and because of that fact, I am able to learn the material and processes as a much more rapid pace.

Then after going over the things I am grateful for and a list of affirmations I will go over a short list of goals for the day.  I only list 3.  One that I know is guaranteed done.  That way it’s an easy win.  Then I have one that is challenging but I am confident I will complete.  Good challenge but most likely another win.  Then the last goal is something that if I were to complete it today that would be excellent and get me ahead of the game. I never beat myself up for not achieving this one but having it drives you and when you do finish one of these babies ahead of time, you feel outstanding!

And last, I seek out my news.  I go to my sources and I find the data I want to find.  I keep myself informed about subjects, people, science and more but it’s always what I want to know.  And guess what?  I have been operating this way for almost ten years and I have never missed a big news story.  I have always have what I needed when I need it and most importantly, I spend every day focused, productive, optimistic and energized.  Give it a try.  Let me know how it changes your day. (By the way, avoid opening bills early in the morning; maybe keep them to one day a week 🙂



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