Simply Complex - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

It is pretty amazing how fast paced our world has become. As I sit here at my computer, and click from page to page or site to site, (even though the pages load at about a page per 2 seconds); and for a split second I think to myself, “come on….” Are we creating opportunity or chaos?

Knowing that you can have any information at your fingertips, anytime is a beautiful thing but only when you appreciate it. You see, it has been proven over and over in studies that when something becomes common or familiar that we tend to lose interest in it.

So, is this what is happening in our society, especially with education? The rates of students going into colleges and receiving scholarships is dropping every year; the amounts of students accepted into schools is dropping yearly, AND the amount of students that graduate and can get a job is dropping…..

In retrospect, there are more kids and less jobs!

What are we to do?

Are we shoving so much information at the speed of light down our throats that we have becoming numb to it. Are we becoming so dependent on our phones and laptops that we are losing innovation or creativity for the masses and expecting it only from the chosen few; Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google), Mark Zuckerberg

Well, I have an idea of what to do to change it and it’s what I call simply complex – the answer is simple the process will take work.

I have set out on a mission to make a ripple in this trend. And I am very excited to watch the effects happen.

if you are concerned about your kids future and want answers on how you can make a difference, email me or leave a comment.

As a wise philosopher once said, “the children are our future…teach them well and let them lead the way!”

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