Success: The way I see it... - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

For most of us success is a word that describes something absolute or difficult to obtain.  It is the holy grail!  “Ah, to be successful.” It has become one of those trendy words that is losing it’s meaning.

So what is success?  What does it look like?  Do I have it?   Well, here’s how I see it; success is living a life that has purpose.  You wake up each day and you go to bed each night feeling fulfilled.  This doesn’t mean that every day is a breeze and that you get everything you want – all the time.  It means that you have a positive outlook on life and you understand that you will face challenges but if you are disciplined; you have a plan and you have a passion for what you do; then you will experience success.

Success is knowing that you have the tools, the resources to learn and to grow and to take risks and to understand ‘why you do what you do’ and ‘when to do it!’

In my experience both personally and as a coach, I have found that most people work in only two ways.  The first way is hard work.  The second is smart work.  You hear the saying all the time, “work smarter not harder!”  And there is some truth to this but let’s dig a little deeper because I believe you need both!

As you begin to learn anything new or you start to create something new you are going to have to work hard.  It doesn’t matter how successful you have been or even are at the moment.  Every new event, action, behavior etc starts at the beginning.  It is something undiscovered, maybe untested or limited in research and experience.

For example: let’s say you have been a sales person for 20 years.  You have been selling over the phone the entire time.  You are comfortable on the phones and have great stats about your performance.  But you leave and go to a new company.  At the new company you will be selling on the phone again but you are now having to learn an entirely new process.  You will have to adjust to the new environment; the new coworkers and management; the new phone system; the new CRM system; the new scripts and on and on.  It will take some time to get acclimated but soon you will be comfortable and working smart.  But you have to start by working hard and building momentum to succeed.

The smart part comes in when you are successful at doing something and you take the time to figure out exactly how you do it; and you can duplicate it again and again.  You see when you can duplicate your success then you can repeat it.  You can adjust it.  You can teach others how to do it and you fully understand how the process works.

The people who I have found to be most successful in my life and those who have truly impacted our world through their brilliant skills, have learned and integrated this knowledge.

Instead of seeing your future as a decision to work hard or work smarter;

instead of asking yourself how can I work smarter?

Focus on being happy and passionate about your life and what you choose to do with it.  When you enjoy what you do, you will find the energy and discipline to overcome the odds and produce results that make you successful.

Passion + Plan/Strategy + Discipline = Success

And once you achieve the success you want – learn how to duplicate it!  I guarantee you that when you learn to duplicate your successful actions, you will elevate the quality of your life to new heights!

Brett Baughman is an expert life coach and business coach.  For more information or to Schedule a FREE Consultation, please visit:
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