Testimonials Archive - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

Awesome Life Coach

“Brett has a wave of positivity that immediately makes you feel better. After about 3 or so sessions I started to realize and understand my anxiety and how to control it better. I finished my last session months ago and Brett still keeps in contact with me...

Life Changing

“My personal breakthrough session was powerful.  I learned that I wasn’t flexible which in turn would cause me a great deal of frustration and anger. I was able to release all of my negative emotions and fears to begin my new life, living my dreams. The breakthrough...

Most Captivating Speakers

“Brett is one of the most captivating speakers in the industry, with the ability to more than motivate, but to transform lives in just the very first encounter.”

Level Of Communication

“The level of communication that I was able to acheive after working with The Winner’s Circle was phenomenal!  It has empowered me to live a life of fulfillment centered around my passions!”