There is no 'I' in Team or is there? - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

We have all heard the saying that, “there is no ‘I’ in team.”  But do you really believe that???

When you have a problem, how long does it take for you to reach out and ask someone for help?  and do you fully trust them?

There have been numerous studies done by Harvard and Yale that show that most people don’t feel that they can ask their peers for help because they don’t trust they can do the job OR they are too ashamed to admit their is something wrong.

Interesting enough, there are also many studies that prove that the shame we feel from the problems asking for help is not as powerful as the shame of having to deal with the problem.

So there is a disconnect; a thinking that creates a conflict in which instead of focusing on a solution, we bounce back and forth between unhealthy emotional states that leave us ‘help’less.

For example: if you have been laid off from your job and you are ashamed at the fact of being unemployed it is no fun.  But, is it worse to live in fear of where your next meal will come from or how to take care of your family OR is it worse to admit you need help; reach out to a friend and resolve the issue.

Too much Ego can be destructive.

Fact: The quicker you can take action, any action towards changing the problem, you will begin to see results.  You will know what you can and can’t do & will find clarity.

Now, in reverse, you may be the person who can help others.  Are you making yourself available?  Do you make an effort to support your friends and family in need?  Now, I want you to understand, I am in no way saying that you need to become a bank or the Red Cross to everyone you know but when someone reaches out a hand to you, make an informed decision/ a conscious choice about how you react because you never know when it might be you!

The past several years has really shown that to be true.

So, ask yourself, do you trust others?  Do you support others?  Do you have a team that encourages and roots you on?

If not, start building one, because you will find it much easier to rise to the top and it will be a lot more fun!!

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