What are you 'Selling Yourself"? - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

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Brett Baughman‘s insight:

Each day we wake up and run through a series of conscious and unconscious processes.  You brush your teeth, you drink your coffee (or high alkalized water lol) And you start the cycle that you do each day. 

WELL…if you were to put a percentage to the success of your process what would it be?  Does what you are doing each day produce the results you want 50% of the time? 75%? 10%?

Most people I have worked with report less than 40% success in the way & quality to the life they are living now.

So why do we keep doing it?  The answer is FEAR!

Fear of failure, Fear of not doing it right, Fear that I won’t know what to do, Fear that this stuff doesn’t work for me or I can’t change…I don’t have time, I don’t have the money to invest in myself.

What I have to say to that is:

1.  “Fear is simply the inability to create a picture in your mind of yourself successfully accomplishing a goal” – Brett Baughman

What this means is that your mind at some level is focusing on the problem not the solution.  This is a skill that can be improved and harnessed to create success.  This is why visualizing improves your motivation and focus.

2.  Does it work, will it work?  Yes. The process works 100% of the time WHEN the client believes in themselves.  Success will not happen without belief.  And the belief has to come first.  Whether it’s a small step or a paramount change in your behaviors, you will FEEL BETTER and enhance the quality of your life

3.  Time/ Money – Really?  You don’t have time to stop feeling bad or to learn how to make more money or simplify a challenging process in your life?  This fear is generally a lack of belief that one can change.  And if you have that doubt, cruise on over to my website and read/watch some testimonials.  Everyone starts out thinking this and quickly ‘changes their mind’

– Money – If you do your research and you find a coach/ therapist that is experienced and has credibility (education, credentials, years of experience, reviews/testimonials, a background of success) then the money you spend will bring you financial benefit.  I know personally that when I work with clients we incorporate building and improving ones business in order to enrich and simplify the clients life.  And we do.  Money is created through the following behaviors:
1.  Passion

2.  Discipline

3.  Focus

4.  Motivation/ Energy

5.  Balance

6   Gratitude

7.  Innovation

8.  Teamwork

9.  Flexibility

10. Belief!

That is exactly what a powerful and successful coach will teach you how to do efficiently and effectively.  And when you not only understand but integrate these learnings into your psychology…the world is yours for the creating!

So…I ask, what or whose Game Plan are you using?  What are you selling to yourself each day to tell yourself that you are going to feel better; you are going to make more money so you can get out of debt; you will get in shape; you will find that special someone; you will get your business off the ground?

Every great leader, athlete, musician & business owner will tell you that they did it with the help of a Coach, a Mentor, a Teacher.

Are you ready to start living the life you deserve now?

for more information about Brett Baughman and his coaching services visit brettbaughman.com

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