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What’s Really Going On? The H1N1 Virus

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This is a sculpture created by artist Luke Jerram of the H1N1 Virus, more commonly known as the Swine Flu that caused an epidemic in 2009 and has again become a serious issue for health concerns.

I was so fascinated when my fiance shared this artists work with me last night.   Obviously the art is beautifully crafted and a brilliant idea.  (the artist actually meets with doctors and scientists to study and ensure the accuracy of his work). But what truly blew my mind was the realization that these magnificent creatures are like little assassins out to attack our immune systems and potentially kill us!

Then I began to think further and realized this is what I do for a living.  A large portion of the therapy that I conduct is working with clients to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are causing dis-ease in your body.

When you have stress or anxiety you are altering the molecular structure of your cells.  You are changing the way they work and how they act.  And in our process of coaching together, we are discovering what memories you are holding onto that create this negative behavior or dis-ease.

Too often we think about stress, a cold or the flu as this thing we can get from touching a door after someone who is sick and if we wash our hands or brush something off our skin we are safe.  When the truth is that we are fighting a battle in the skin!  In our cells.  At the molecular level.  We are made up of billions of cells.  Cells like the one you see above but they are good cells and they are fighting hard to defend your body; to provide you with a healthy immune system and body and very importantly to secure your emotional psyche and intelligence. 

So it is extremely important for us to understand that taking care of our body; eating right, resting and making sure we in turn provide our immune systems with a healthy environment to do it’s work, is vital!

And it all starts with your mind! 

You have to want to take care of yourself.  You have to make choices that put you in healthy situations.  You have to want to empower yourself – be passionate, be positive, be grateful.  These are behaviors that strengthen your mind and your body and hopefully now you realize…. they strengthen your cells.

You have the best army ever known to man living within you; what will you do with it? 

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