You can't read everything 'You Believe!' - Las Vegas Business Coach, Life Coach and Therapist Brett Baughman

Yes, I meant to write it that way.  You can’t read everything you believe.  What does that mean?

Well, one year just came to a close, and another has just begun.  It is time for renewed hope; a fresh start and reflection.

But how do you really get a fresh start; or how do you really make this year the best (either continuing or building off the success/ challenges of the last year?)

First, it is vital to understand that everything you have done, over the past year, has been an opportunity for growth.  Whether plans turned out as you wanted or not, we need to decide what we can learn from them to ‘do it better’ next time around.  This is where most people stumble.  They think, “this time I will try harder!”

Sound familiar?  We all do it.  Or did!  Right?

Take some time over the next couple days and reflect on the journey you just finished.  I know it’s not popular to sit down do work on yourself and where would you find the time, right?  Well, it’s not popular to be miserable or to keep running into the same pitfalls as before; so take my advise and even though it is a little clunky at first, devote at least one hour to looking back at 201o and seeing how the landscape was laid out.

You will thank me later!

Now, once you have consciously reviewed the steps you took over the past year.  Find what you want to do differently this time.  And ask yourself, “what did I learn from the last experience, so I can continue to improve my results?”  It’s important to not beat yourself up or judge what you did, just always look for a way to make it easier and more productive the next time.  Once you have done something, you should be able to do it again, but more efficiently.  That is the key.

*NOTE – this is where most people quit.  They will not really put effort into thinking about what they did or they will believe that they already have it figured out.  But I challenge you to think back over the past 3 years and see how many times, you did the same thing and asked yourself, “why does this keep happening to me?”  Make this year; today the day that changes for good.

Ok, so you have a list of things you want to improve or challenge yourself to do even better, so make a plan.

You would be amazed at how many people will go through their days and life without creating a plan for where or how they will get there.  YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN!  It doesn’t have to be heavy lifting.  But you need to be clear on what you want; where you are now; what you need to get there; and what might stop you (so you can begin to build the resources to overcome them)  That’s it.  When you simply follow these steps, you will see tremendous improvements in your results.  I guarantee it.

Alright, so you have:
1. Taken time to reflect positively on your year

2. Reviewed your behaviors and results to see areas for change

3. Created a simple plan

the last step, step number 4 is to ‘Take Action’

You have to work the plan.  And that brings me to our title ‘you can’t read everything you believe.’  What I mean is, while you must educate yourself by reading and modeling the success of others and yourself, you have to take risks!

Let me say that again….’You have to take risks!’

Not everything you read will be how you think, or how you want to do it, or how you should do it.  The information you find has all been created from people getting out there and learning, taking risks every day.

When you have done the prep work (listed in step 1 – 3 above) you will know what you need to do, to make your life work for you.  Believe in yourself.

Your level of belief in your abilities is directly related to the results you will produce!!!

I have always lived by the motto that,’In order to be extraordinary, I must do extraordinary things.’

Start by dipping your toe into hobby you have been wanting to do but never made the time for; or reaching out to that person you have been afraid of speaking to.  Whatever it is, do it!  And regardless of the result, learn from it and keep going!

I hope this helps you to create a truly successful 2011.  I know, for those of you who follow these steps and use what I have shared here, you will enjoy a new outlook on life.

So once again, Happy New Year and thank you for contributing to my success.

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